Classical, meet Pop

A familiar melody, expertly played, can suddenly become something else entirely. And who doesn’t love pop music?

Four on the Floor are bound only by their instruments, never the rules of what they’re supposed to play. With backgrounds in symphonies and bluegrass bands, classical quartets and heavy metal, they bring creativity and high-level musicianship to a repertoire that never makes apologies. You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced Guns ‘n Roses arranged for two violins, viola, and cello.

What’s that sound like? Take a listen:

Like the setting? Thanks to the Wedding Barns of Maine for the hook-up.

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Glam Shots

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Where to Find Us

On Tour

We’re putting together our Fall 2020 engagements now, with a line-up of listening rooms and warm, responsive venues that bring you right into the middle of the quartet.

Special Events

From fundraisers to mingling sessions, weddings to anniversary celebrations, we’re happy to make your event kick-ass. We’re way better than your Spotify playlist.

In the Classroom

With a stockpile of teaching experience both inside and outside of institutional settings, Four on the Floor are an excellent choice for livening up your curriculum. .

Let Us Be Your String Session

Four on the Floor are four of the most versatile string players in Maine.

Do you need a quartet to fill out the album you’re recording with a producer or engineer? We’re there for you.

Have a live show coming up you want to add some punch to? Give us the charts and we’ll be there.

Need to fill out a film score or something free of copyright for a video? Give us a call.


Four on the Floor


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61a India Street
Portland, ME 04101